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 Frequently Asked Questions on renting a villa in Europe......

  European Villa Rentals by European Escapes -  As an experienced and respected industry leader in European villa and apartment rentals, we are pleased to offer a fine portfolio of rental properties and our many years of expertise in arranging villa rentals and holiday home rentals for clients from all over the world. We realize that renting a villa or apartment abroad is a new experience for many travelers to Europe; so we are pleased to supply the below information that should cover questions you might have and if you have any further questions, please e-mail.  Our experienced European property specialists have all lived abroad in Europe and have first-hand experience. Renting a vacation villa or an apartment has long been the way European travelers vacation, and in recent years the U.S. demand has grown tremendously. Still, we realize it's a new experience for many of you who aren't yet repeat clients. Below please find answers to the most common questions we receive, along with some information that should help you refine your interests. 

Why have villa rentals become so popular?

Our staff at European Escapes has more than nineteen years of experience in the travel industry and has become a leader in the villa rentals due to our superb level of service combined with our expansive and exclusive property portfolio. As travel & tourism have grown to become the world's leading industry, travelers have become not only more knowledgeable, but more discriminating. This added knowledge, positive word of mouth referrals, and strong desire of people to really experience their destinations has sparked ever-increasing interest in home and villa rentals, leading more and more travelers to our agency each year. More people are choosing to rent villas or apartments for their holidays rather than stay in hotel rooms. As international travel becomes easier, people want to take every opportunity to get to know their destinations and feel a part of local life. As experienced experts at offering rental properties abroad, we're pleased to be able to provide our services to meet this increased demand.

Why a villa or apartment instead of a hotel?

Many reasons: Enjoyment. Cost. Space. Comfort. Safety. Privacy. More space, comfort and amenities -- for less money, particularly as your numbers increase for large villas. Kitchens for cooking, the ability to stop at local markets and cooke at home. Living rooms, terraces, outdoor areas for gathering together. The appeal of living in a neighborhood and soaking up the rhythm of the locals. There are numerous obvious advantages to renting a villa or apartment for your holiday. Firstly, the cost is generally much less than any comparable hotel room and you can get more value for your money.  Instead of being limited to a small hotel room with limited space and throngs of tourists, by renting a villa or apartment you get space -- and the opportunity to inhabit a home and an area or neighborhood of your destination just as the people who really live there. Your European Escapes rental will have private bedrooms, private bathrooms, living room, kitchen or kitchenette (depending on size desired) and whatever other amenities your budget requires...stunning views, private pool, secluded location, private beach access...all these and many other options can actually be yours. With a  portfolio of over 4,000 vacation, villa rentals, we're sure to have one that fits your travel dreams.  

How do I rent a villa or apartment?

European Escapes does all the work in order to make your holiday as carefree, fulfilling, and enjoyable as possible. We represent a premier portfolio of over 4,000 properties throughout Europe, some of which can be viewed here on our website, along with pictures, descriptions, and prices (ranges are low to high season). Properties listed on our website can be booked as soon as we confirm availability for your dates. Otherwise, we're delighted to offer you other custom selections from our remaining portfolio.

All of our properties are inspected and our rental agents have experience and passion for European travel. They've lived abroad and traveled extensively in order to update and expand our constantly growing inventory of properties available for rent.  With such travel insight, we're happy to help you decide if you want to be in one of the well-known tourist areas or off-the-beaten track. Our network of European agents and our partners are on-hand and accessible in order to facilitate your holiday rental. When you rent a holiday home, you can consider your vacation rental as truly your home during your stay.

Rental duration & procedures

Most properties are rented on a weekly minimum basis and during peak summer travel season, most rent on a Saturday to Saturday basis. Once you have informed one of our agents what type of property (more on this below) you're looking for, they will work with you to find a selection of several choices (or we invite you to browse through some of our favorite and most popular rental pictures & descriptions here on our website). When you've selected the property that is perfect for your vacation, email your requested dates & property and let our agents know. The property will be held for you for five days after being invoiced and our receipt of your 50% deposit confirms your reservation, pending your final rent payment.  Final payment for your rental is due at least 8 weeks prior to the commencement of your rental period at which point you will be supplied with a Voucher, with all the particulars of how to move into your "home away from home".

Do I have to pay in foreign currency?

Most of our rental fees are payable in USD,  and on those, European Escapes handles all foreign money transfers, with the exception of those rentals that are payable in Euros. Your property may be booked and reserved up to a year in advance and all transactions are carefully set out and explained by European Escapes Terms & Conditions in order to safeguard your holiday accommodation plans. In order to most fully protect all of our clients, European Escapes strongly recommends that clients take out some form of cancellation insurance and such information is also detailed on European Escapes Terms & Conditions. Please note that some properties require cancellation insurance as a condition of booking.

What type of rental properties are available?

Our exclusive portfolio is as diverse as your travel needs.  We have rentals for budget travelers - and luxury seekers, ranging from basic rentals all the way to lavish palaces, estates and castles, including ballrooms, banquet rooms, private beaches, heli-pads and butlers with security staff and full household staffs.   


Prices vary according to the type of property, location, and season. Decide where in Europe you wish to be and what type of rental you're seeking, and what you want to pay. If you do not yet know what country, area, or what your rental budget will be, spend some time on our website, viewing our featured holiday homes on our country pages, or searching by country, area, bedrooms, and price on our

Some countries are more affordable than others and renting in periods that are not high season will save you money. Some of our vacation homes are simple and basic for those with a tight budget, while others are lavish and luxurious villas for those looking for the trip of a lifetime.  June and September may be ideal times to travel, other than the most popular months of July and August, to save you money on your rental.

For our best recommendations for your holiday rental, please E-mail European Escapes with the following information:

Your preferred/maximum rent per week, most important so that we can concentrate on finding the ideal properties in your price range.
Desired location:
country, area, island, city
Desired dates
(Our rentals are one-week minimums, and most rent Saturday to Saturday)                               
Number of people,
beds/bedrooms needed, and if children, their ages            
Special requests
  (i.e. beach access, city center, balcony, private pool, tennis court, etc.)     

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