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Greek Islands. The island of Paros is the very heart of the Cyclades and is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean. It boasts perhaps the very best of the quintessential Greece that most travelers dream of: whitewashed cubist buildings nestled around an inviting seaside and nestled up against a backdrop of hillsides lined with vineyards and olive groves, all adorning the stunning crystal-clear blues of the Aegean Sea. Uniquely combining the best of classic Greece along with modern sophistication, you'll be delighted by the cosmopolitan harbor front town of Parikia, the easygoing charming seaside town with its restaurants, art galleries, shops and tavernas lining the seaside promenade and the historic winding whitewashed pathways leading up through the town sprinkled with an eclectic and inspiring blend of both old and new Greece...where all the modern conveniences exist in harmony alongside the quaint and classic charms of classic Greece. It is precisely because of the idyllic combination of all these traits that Paros has grown more and more popular with travelers from all over the world.

Paros Island is the third largest island in the Cyclades, with 120 km of coastline, considered the most beautiful, with beautiful sandy beaches. It has many typical towns with white houses with blue windows and doors, flowering balconies, picturesque churches and many restaurants and a lively nightlife. The main town is Parikia, and there is the nearby town of Naoussa which is a lovely little fishing port, widely considered to be one of the most charming in Greece. Situated between 2 bays. Paros has beaches for every one, from the relaxed and natural to those which are well organized with opportunities for taking part in water sports.

Rent a villa on the lovely island of Paros and enjoy long sandy beaches, great seaside tavernas and late night clubbing in high season, relaxation in the mid and low season. Beautiful beaches boasting crystal clear water and idyllic Aegean beaches, the thriving port town of Paroikia with its fine restaurants, quaint classic Greek tavernas and thriving nightlife -- as well as the lovely port of Naoussa, commonly regarded as the loveliest harbor & fishing village in all of Greece. Paros offers something for everyone -- historical sites of antiquity, fine food & drink, interesting nature sites, year-round activities, plenty of excursions and tons of activities, including windsurfing (home to the World Championships), sailing, horseback riding, cooking classes or just sitting on the seaside sipping a drink and gazing at the ink-blue Aegean Sea. Renowned since historical times and revered as the home of the world's best marble, today the idyllic island is more revered as being the very heart of Greece's Cycladic Islands and the very epicenter of most every Greek island-hopping adventure....Just imagine sitting in an open air taverna, at the water's edge, eating seafood fresh from the water, sipping wine from a local vineyard, under a brilliant sun, overlooking the sea, totally relaxed and at peace on your Greek Island holiday. You are a short ferry ride from the island of Antiparos, which is a charming little town, like a Greek village with a main market street with cafes' and restaurants' tables and chairs spilling onto the cobbled streets.

There is a large English speaking population on Paros. Popular areas of Paros and Antiparos are Parikia, with a lovely downtown area and beaches, and Naoussa, now quite stylish, which was a former fishing village. Santa Maria is a windsurfers' paradise. Antiparos, a quick ferry ride from Paros, is famous for the Hollywood celebrities who holiday there, such as Tom Hanks and Jennifer Aniston.

Getting to Paros Island........By air: You can reach the island of Paros by plane from most international airports via Athens and several daily flights from Athens to Paros.. Flying time from Athens to Paros is about 35 minutes. The airport is located 9 km (5 miles) from the capital of Paros, Paroikia, and near the village of Alyki. The transfer time to Paros airport is about 10 minutes from Paroikia. By Ferry: In summer, there are numerous regular ferries to Paros from the Athen ports of Piraeus and Rafina. Regular ferries reach Paros in about 4.5 hours and high-speed ferries make the journey in 2.5 hours. As Paros is the travel hub of the Cyclades, throughout Spring/Summer/Fall, there are also frequent connections to other islands: Amorgos, Anafi, Ikaria, Ios, Samos, Koufonisi, Mykonos, Naxos, Rhodes, Santorini, Schinousa, Skiathos, Syros, Tinos, but also Crete, Volos and Thessaloniki. Numerous daily small ferry boats regularly make the 5 minute journey across to Antiparos as well, making it popular for day trips.


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Greek Islands of the Cyclades, Dodecanese, and Ionian:
Cyclades: includes the islands of Mykonos, Paros, AntiParos, Naxos, Tinos, Sifnos, Serifos, Kea, Santorini, Syros and Ios.
Dodecanese: includes the islands of Rhodes, Samos, Patmos, Kos, Karpathos, Kalymnos, Simi, Tilos and Symi.
Ionian: includes the islands of Corfu, Paxos, Zakynthos and Cephalonia.